Live Oak Elementary School

Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

The aging equipment on campus at Live Oak Elementary School led to higher than desired energy and maintenance bills. This made Live Oak a perfect candidate for the newly implemented Proposition 39.

Alpers Engineering was brought in to do Retro-Commissioning to find all the issues affecting the system, determine which equipment needed to be replaced, and which equipment merely needed to be repaired.

To accomplish this, Alpers Engineering maintained a close relationship with the maintenance staff, conducting interviews and site walk-throughs to deduce which pieces of equipment were in need of replacement, which units needed to be repaired, and which units could be left as is. This was used to create a specific list of the proposed new equipment.

Next, in depth calculations were done based on this information that estimated the cost of running the current system, the cost of running the proposed new system, the cost of implementation, and the savings that would come as a result. The results of these calculations showed the project would pay for itself, and far exceeded the basic requirements of the CEC, and the project was thusly approved. Using California funds, Live Oak is now implementing the proposed changes and will soon see improvements in comfort and reduced energy bills.

SPAWAR Old Town Building 4

SPAWAR OT4 was queued up to receive new controls as part of a large scale controls upgrade done by the navy. The legacy controls on site were those installed when the building was first constructed in 1996.

Alpers Engineering was brought in to Commission the newly implemented controls and various repairs and replacements that were being done at the same time. This meant verifying proper installation, testing functionality, confirming drawings and sequences were updated, and making sure proper training was performed to ensure a smooth and seamless turnover. 

Perris High School #4

Perris Union High School District

Perris High school #4 is a Title 24 new building commissioning project currently under construction. The school is slated to house 2,600 students with 94 teaching stations, and cover approximately 285,000 square feet. Alpers Engineering was assigned commissioning for the project, and has so far completed a design review, conducted numerous commissioning meetings, and developed a commissioning plan. 

As the project progresses, Alpers Engineering will complete Pre- functional testing, Functional testing, submittal reviews, O&M reviews, training verification, and provide an 8 to 10 month warranty walk through.  All while working with the members of the commissioning team to satisfy all the owners project requirements and get the project completed on time.