What are the major phases in the commissioning process?

Building commissioning services follow a proven process as outlined by ASHRAE Guidelines 2005 and the (ACG)  American Association Balancing Contractors Commissioning Group Guidelines.  The following is a summary of major phases:

Program Development Phase

  • CxA and Owner Develop  Project Requirement (OPR) development document
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Designers Develop Basis of Design (BOD) document
  • MEP systems budgeting and life cycle costing of MEP systems
  • MEP monitoring and verification planning
  • OPR and BOD Review and Comment by Commissioning Authority

Design Phase

  • CxA  reviews design at 60%, 90%, Backcheck at 100%
  • CxA provides commissioning specifications
  • CxA develops design phase Cx Plan.
  • Owner, consultant and Cx, vendor’s factory tours
  • CxA LEED Checklist review
  • CxA develops and tracks commissioning  issues log through project close out.

Commissioning Document Development Phase

  • CxA develops a written commissioning plan
  • CxA develops a written installation & pre-functional test procedure.
  • CxA develops functional test procedures.

Construction Phase

  • CxA conducts commissioning team kickoff meeting
  • CxA coordinates commissioning schedule w/ contractors
  • CxA reviews shop drawing/submittal
  • CxA observes critical system mockup and testing
  • CxA reviews critical system method of procedures (MOP)
  • CxA reviews systems manual (operations & maintenance (O&M))
  • CxA reviews owners staff training
  • CxA installation and startup observation and documentation
  • CxA reviews and verifies pre-functional test forms
  • CxA reviews request for information/change order/scope/budget review
  • CxA conducts regular commissioning meetings
  • CxA reviews and spot checks balancing and acceptance testing.
  • CxA reviews owner training.

Functional Testing Phase

  • CxA coordinates contractor functional testing
  • CxA observes contractor functional testing.
  • CxA retests corrected deficiencies
  • CxA conducts commissioning meeting

Close Out Phase

  • CxA conducts commissioning closeout meeting
  • CxA submits final commissioning report
  • CxA conduct opposite season testing and warranty review
  • CxA attends 10th month warranty walk thruough

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