Alpers Engineering Group specializes in building commissioning and has become one of San Diego’s premier commissioning consultants working with local clients for the last 8 years. A vocal champion of the commissioning process Bob Alpers has been commissioning since 1996 when he first work to help commission the John Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Today, Bob is an successful and trusted Commissioning Authority, working for some of the nation's leading institutions and Fortune 500 companies including Stanford University, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cedar Sinai Hospital, San Jose State University, Scripps Mercy Hospital, Alameda County Hospital and many others. 

With a physical presence in San Diego and nearly 80% of the firm's revenue derived from commissioning services,  Alpers Engineering Group is considered by owners to be a highly experienced, independent third-party commissioning firm.  Alpers Engineering Group commissions a variety of building systems including: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, building envelope, utility plants, lighting systems, solar voltaic, recycled wastewater, data centers, communication and security.


What does building commissioning cost?

The cost of building commissioning depends upon the complexity of the building systems and the scope of the services being requested.  Owners typically budget MEP building commissioning at 0.5% of the overall construction cost.  Some choose instead to budget commissioning costs at 3% to 4% of mechanical construction cost and 1.0% to 2.0% of electrical construction cost.
The value of building commissioning far outweighs its financial cost.  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories have documented case studies on building commissioning projects have shown that building commissioning generally pays for itself in from six months to two years through increased energy efficiency (reduced utility bills) and decreased operating costs (reduced maintenance and troubleshooting costs) reduced cost of change orders and efficiency of construction.