Fire Life Safety


A fire/life safety system is only as good as it is installed.  The Alpers Engineering team understands that and offers up commissioning services to Clients in an effort to help ensure the owner that they in fact get what they pay for, which is a code compliant and functioning system.  So many times a job is left 90% complete and the fire and life safety system completion and performance suffer as a result.  Alpers Engineering commissioning services eliminate this possibility and ensure a successful system turnover to the building owner and maintenance staff which saves on insurance premiums and lost sleep.  

Acceptance Testing

The field of fire protection and life safety is growing in every which direction.  As a result, it is hard for authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) to keep up with advancing technologies or to staff an increasing amount of inspections.  We provides acceptance testing services to help augment those struggles that so many AHJs face in todays complex government sector.  Utilizing degreed and credentialed professionals, helps ensure even the most complex systems are tested and accepted with a high level of confidence.  

Code Consulting and Analysis

The Alpers Engineering team understands the importance of front end engineering when it comes to a project especially with todays tight budgets and virtually impossible construction schedules.  A proper code analysis can often times pay for itself many times over by the conclusion of a project.  This service can eliminate ambiguities in code requirements for contractors and therefore reduce or eliminate construction or order delays associated with them.  Proper planning and dialogue at this stage can also keep all members of the design and construction team on the same page which contributes to successful project execution at all levels.  If you weren’t able to utilize our services at the beginning of your project, that is ok too.  We can resolve your code question on a case by case basis in the event that such a problem arises.  

Project Management

Our project management services can be done remotely or on-site to help general contractors or owners involved and updated on the progress of the fire and life safety systems to which they are assigned.  Jurisdictions are reluctant to provide certificates of occupancy to facilities without all fire and life safety systems completed and functional.  Project management of these systems by we can aid in keeping these systems on-time to meet your project deadline. 

Fire Strategy Plan and Report

The fire protection strategy to a facility is crucial when trying to mitigate potential loss of property and life.  Without a proper fire strategy and ratification from all stake-holders including: jurisdictions, owners, insurance, and operations personnel; the property, its owner, and inhabitants are unnecessarily exposed.  We can prepare a fire strategy that suits your needs, meets required codes, and becomes the building block for which all systems are executed.  This is the first step in not only ensuring project safety, but also for reducing costly insurance premiums.