California Schools Save $700 Million per Year

California schools spend about $700 million dollars per year on inefficient energy use according to the latest US Department of Energy figures.

The schools with high energy bills were stuck, because valuable operational funds were being spent on wasted energy and the State was unable to provide funding to stop the inefficiency and unnecessary waste of energy.


The recently enacted California Clean Energy Jobs Act will help solve that dilemma. Prop 39 as it’s called will make $2.75 Billion dollars available to schools, colleges and universities over the next 5 years. It comes from Federal funds earmarked to help develop 40,000 new energy related jobs and businesses in California.

If you’re interested in swapping your old fluorescent lamps for new efficient LED lighting, apply for the funding it’s easy to do and the money is yours to use, just contact us and we can help you through the application process.