Cal Green Commissioning & Owner's Project Requirements

What is so surprising about commissioning is that despite the critical nature of the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) document, only a small percentage of projects actually creates and employs an OPR. We as the commissioning authority find, that owners typically reveal their expectations and desires to the architect but not the rest of the design team. Unfortunately, they assume these desires get translated or transmitted to the rest of the team and ultimately into the construction documents, but they don’t. 

The importance and value of the Owners Project Requirements (OPR) document cannot be over-emphasized. It represents the true purpose of commissioning. At the end of the project, the system design, construction, and operational schemes succeed or fail depending on how well the design and construction team members understanding the owner’s needs.

There is no magic to creating a quality OPR document. Cal Green standards provide a requirements outline in section Std.BSC-5.4.  A comprehensive OPR includes goals relative to: Environmental and Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Equipment and System Expectations. It also provides a guide for the designers to specify detailed operational parameters, maintenance expectations, staff training requirements and systems documentation. All this is important for sustaining an efficient building that meets the OPR.

 So, Mr. Owner, be sure to included OPR support in your next commissioning request for proposal.

Click here for a template of an Owners Project Requirement (OPR) document for your use.